What Is a Uniform Depository Agreement

A list of CIOs eligible for a contract extension has been made available in recent years. Due to the changes to the CET, § 45.208 (e), the information necessary for the establishment of the list will no longer be transmitted to TEA. Below is the final list of all districts eligible for a contract extension for the 2021-2023 biennium. Note: A district that is not on the list may still be eligible if it has an exception for the Innovation District with respect to its custody agreement. In order to extend the term of their custody contract, the district and the custodian bank must complete the following form: All other regulations relating to custodian contracts are still in force. If a school district makes changes to its direct deposit account, it will still need to electronically submit a direct deposit authorization form to TEA. A school district must have a custodian bank in which the Texas Education Agency (TEA) can deposit funds for the county. The district creates a custodial relationship with a bank by entering into a custody agreement with the bank. Please read the e-filing contract submission process for instructions on submitting custody contract files to TEA. A school district may extend its child care agreement for an additional three (3) periods of two years if: The custody agreement form and the guarantee form can be found at the following links: Each school district`s deposit contract must be renewed every two years.

The next cycle is 2021-2023. The district must decide whether to select a custodian either by bid or by tender. The school district should review the following documents before sending tender or tender forms to banks: Amendments to the Depositary Contracts Regulation that came into force on June 4, 2019 TEC, § 45.208 (e), were amended by Senate Bill 1376. Therefore, as of June 4, 2019, a school district is not required to submit tea its:. For links to the direct deposit authorization form and vendor instructions, see Update account information below. If the school district makes changes to the direct deposit account, it must submit a direct deposit authorization form: Districts eligible for an extension of the custody agreement for the 2021-2023 fiscal year (PDF, 574 KB) The offer and offer forms can be found at the following links: Resolution of the Board of Directors to extend the deposit agreement for independent school district funds (PDF, 390 KB). . . . .

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