Why Are Names Capitalized in Legal Documents

4. United States v. Harding, Civil Action No. 7:13cr00008, United States District Court, WD Virginia Roanoke Division (May 1, 2013)(Judgment against the following amateur rights theories: „capital” theory, „commercial law” theory, „sovereignty” theory, „sovereign citizen” theory, „no jurisdiction” theory, and „living natural person” theory and the assertion that these amateur legal theories „have no basis” legal” are „have been firmly rejected”, are „Legally erroneous”, „have been systematically suppressed by the courts”, are „completely unfounded”, are „manifestly frivolous”, „are rejected”, are „simply false”, are „contrary to applicable law” and indicate that „the use of capital letters in the caption of the indictment for the question of. Jurisdiction” and „rejection of the argument that the use of capital letters in the indictment is directed at a corporation [and] not a living person.” Your official name is the name the government likes to use to associate your identity with it (a set of fictitious characteristics) so that the government can identify you. It is important that you know that your legal name is not the name your mother and father gave you; Instead, it`s a name created by the government to make it easier for you to do business with their companies. However, the government likes to use your legal name as a tool to control you, so it`s wise to learn how to use your legal name wisely. The use of all capital letters in legal agreements is an age-old tradition that extends into the digital age. After establishing itself as a way to make important contractual languages visible, it has become commonplace and even with new formatting options, it is still used today. Your legal name, which is used by the government to identify you (a body of water or a liquid), is written in capital letters because it is a piece of liquidated capital.

In other words, it has been securitised and converted into a financial instrument. Hence the term „liquidated capital”. Huh? I do not understand why you are asking that question in response to my question. If we look at the meaning of our names in capital letters and imply that it means that we are companies, it makes sense to look at the source of the meaning of capital letters in relation to companies. Otherwise, the involvement will collapse. Is there a rule that company names must be in capital letters? 3. Muhammad v. Smith, No.

3:13-cv-760 (MAD/DEP), United States District Court, ND New York, (July 23, 2014)(Judgment against the following amateur legal theories: the „DIVIDED PERSONALITY” theory, the „straw man” theory, the „redemption” theory, the „capital letters” theory, and the conclusion that these amateur legal theories „were not only rejected by the courts, but also recognized as frivolous and a waste of judicial resources” and the conclusion that these amateur legal theories have „no conceivable validity in American law” are „legally frivolous,” are „completely frivolous,” and „manifestly ridiculous.” 7. United States v. Benabe, 654 F.3d 753, No. 09-1190, 09-1224, 09-1225, 091226, 09-1227, 09-1251, United States Court of Appeals, Seventh Circuit (argued March 28, 2011, decided August 18, 2011) (Judgment against the defendant`s characterization as „a secured party creditor … Third party intervener” and against his characterization of himself as a „sovereign person born of flesh and blood and creditor of a secured party” and against the theory of „individual sovereignty”, the theory of „immunity from prosecution” and the theory of „capital letters” and the assertion that such amateur legal theories have been „repeatedly rejected”, and „the `Shop Worn` argument that a defendant is sovereign and does not fall within the jurisdiction of the Tribunals,” and state that such amateur legal theories have „no conceivable validity in U.S. law” and that they „should be rejected”). Why does everything about government write your name in capital letters? Is it good English? Proper names such as your name should only be written with the first letter. Do you ever write your name with all the capital letters? No, I didn`t think so. Do you know why? If you really think about the information you just read, you should know that the process of turning into „capital” or „liquidated capital” is their way of saying that you have a „premium on your head”.

Your birth certificate is a bond with your legal name written in capital letters in its four corners, and is therefore the financial document (capital) that has the value of the premium on your head. For this reason, your birth certificate is used to issue exchange-traded bonds. This article does not replace professional legal advice. This section does not establish an attorney-client relationship or an invitation to legal advice. Ron, if you could find me legal definitions of capital letters, you would be my hero. However, I never see a business unit that is not written in capital letters, do I? A person does not have his name in capital letters, it is not a correct English. It is a difference between a fictitious entity and an entity based on reality. 9. United States vs Rodney class, Crim.

Action No. 13-253 (GK), United States District Court, District of Columbia (16. . . .

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